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Receiving ERROR for AC00179 on ++HOLD on APPLY CHECK


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The client receives errors on ++HOLD for AC00179 and BC00179.

Should these errors be of any concern?


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The errors noted in the SMP output are:
 . AC00179 - ++HOLD(CBRME00) ERROR FMID(CBRME00) ... FIX(SO00172) ...
 . AC04581 - ++HOLD(CCAFE00) ERROR FMID(CCAFE00) ... FIX(SO04622) ...
 . BC00179 - ++HOLD(CBRME00) ERROR FMID(CBRME00) ... FIX(SO04621) ...

These are notifications of perhaps the environment needing the specified PTFs, but they are not errors in-and-of-themselves.

It was suggested, as the APPLY CHECK received a RC=04, that the client run an APPLY, which ran with no problems.