Any Input selection in decison table does not work as expected


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


Create a model Add first block as a decision box having 2 outputs viz. Existing Customer and New Customer
Add a decision table now having 4 rows of data such that above decision box outputs are connected to the decision table.
In Input column of Decision table select ALL for all rows Generate test cases , it generates 8 test cases for full coverage as expected
Now go to decision table created in step 3 and change the value of one of the input for one row of data to ANY, Save the decision table Generate the test cases again and now it should generate 7 test cases. 
It still generates 8 test cases


Error in the code.  Defect DE394430 created and fixed.


ARD versions prior to 3.0


This is fixed in GA version 3.0.  Please make sure that you contact BC Support to make sure that this fix was embedded in the 3.0 GA Version.  If you need it sooner, also corrects this issue.  Please contact BC Support.

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