Unable to Open or Save OWB projects due to a timeout issue or Prompted for user Credentials


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Users are experiencing quick time outs in Open Workbench (OWB) where they are unable to save project updates back to Clarity PPM within 5 mins of having the project open or being promoted for Credentials. You may also see that projects hang when attempting to save projects back to PPM.

The below error may be observed (but not always) when opening a project: 
A server error occured during login: - Connection timed out: connect 


Component: ODOWB


Solution 1: Create Environment Variable on the machine to update timeout: JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Dsun.net.client.defaultConnectTimeout=300000;-Dsun.net.client.defaultReadTimeout=300000

Solution 2: If the issue happens with larger projects, try increasing the 'JavaMemoryLimit' on the workstation to 800. See KB000026995 for steps on how to do this. 

Solution 3: Change timeout setting in PPM to be less then the Load Balancer (LB) timeout. The default for SaaS / On Demand customers is 15 minutes, so if you are a SaaS Customer try 14 minutes or less or 0 for no timeout. To check / change the time out value:
  1. In Clarity PPM go to Administration->General Settings->System Options
  2. Check the value set for 'Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout'
  3. If this is set to >14 minutes, lower this to 14 minutes or less. 
Solution 4: Check if it is a Load Balancer issue (On Premise customers)

To do this:
  • Remove the LB from the equation by logging directly into the App Server via Clarity PPM.
  • During the Login process in OWB, you will need to change the PPM URL to match the IP address or machine name being used in the test. The port # needs to match what is showing the non LB PPM URL. SSL Handling should be none.
  • If the issue doesn't happen without being connected to the LB, see KB000049575 for Load Balancer recommendations in working with Clarity PPM.
Solution 5: If you're seeing error: A server error occured during login: - Connection timed out: connect  also check to see if there is a proxy issue by using the steps in KB KB000046745