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MultiView Interface Errors (Trend) View doesn't honor Sort Direction


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When using a MultiView Interface Errors (Trend) View in a Dashboard, the Sort Direction is not working.

When setting the View for only In, or only Out data, it works fine when changing the Sort Direction to Ascending or Descending, These Views charts are reordered appropriately.

Set the View for both In & Out data. It is here that the Sort Direction is not working. Changing it between Ascending and Descending shows no change to chart order based on the data.


A code defect was found causing the Sort Direction to never change in the query issued despite the configuration changes to the Sort Direction option.


Performance Management releases 3.6.4.x and older are impacted


This is resolved in the r3.6.5 February 2019 Update Kit or the PM r3.7 GA release.

Install or upgrade one of those releases when available (late 1st quarter 2019) to resolve this problem.

The Fixed Issues list for the releases will show an entry for this as follows: 
Symptom: Top Interface Utilization "In&Out" sorts by "UtilizationIn ASC" - should sort by "Utilization DESC". 
Resolution: Top Interface Utilization views, and similar views for Errors and Discards, now sort by the "In" or "Out" metric when selected, or by the matching total metric, e.g. "Utilization.Avg" when "In&Out" is selected. 
(3.6.5_Feb_Update, DE400601, <caseNumber>)

Additional Information

Resolved via defect DE400601