spelsrvr reports Non-date arg for call to evtdly::make_new_delay


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Some tickets are not moved into Resolved status.  This may indicate an underlying issue with the values in the att_evt table when the messages in the stdlog are like the following:

spelsrvr 476 ERROR pcexec.c 6456 Spell interp failed at bopevt.spl:3680:evtdly::compute_new_fire | bopevt.spl:2938:evtdly::make_new_delay: Non-date arg to workflow_abs2work ()
spelsrvr 476 ERROR bopevt.spl 2627 ERROR doing delay: bopevt.spl:3680:evtdly::compute_new_fire | bopevt.spl:2938:evtdly::make_new_delay
spelsrvr 476 ERROR sla.spl 3953 Error Starting Delay: bopevt.spl:3680:evtdly::compute_new_fire | bopevt.spl:2938:evtdly::make_new_delay
web:local 3640 ERROR freeaccess.spl 25820 update checkin of cr:2690583 failed: bopevt.spl:3680:evtdly::compute_new_fire | bopevt.spl:2938:evtdly::make_new_delay 

pdm_trace output for spelsrvr shows that fire_time attribute of the atev object that is passed to make_new_delay is empty:

From: @|domsrvr 
To: @|spelsrvr|n78hAA [Func_exec_catcherSCRNX] 
BPMessage [ -1639514112.7784.4233375 ] 

method = 224:bopevt.spl:2867:evtdly::make_new_delay 
arg 0 = (integer)4 
arg 1 = (string)status_flag 
arg 2 = (integer)0 
arg 3 = (integer)2 
arg 4 = (string)fire_time 
arg 5 = (integer)0 
arg 6 = (local_time) 

arg 7 = (string)persistent_id 
arg 8 = (integer)0 
arg 9 = (string)atev:64805796 
arg 10 = (string)timezone 
arg 11 = (integer)0 
arg 12 = (string) 
reply object = n78hAA [Func_exec_catcherSCRNX] 
reply method = 224:bopevt.spl:2867:evtdly::make_new_delay 



One root cause was found to be that the value of fire_time for the att_evt table entry is null. However, how this corruption occurred was not discovered.

To check for that data corruption, run the following command:

pdm_extract -f "select obj_id,persid,cancel_time,fire_time from Attached_Events where fire_time='' and cancel_time='' "



CA Service Desk Manager 17.1


Cancel the events for which the fire_time is empty, noting the obj_id. For the ref_num corresponding to the obj_id, try now to resolve the ticket.