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When added in a tab, the portlet 'License Information' links return you to the Home page


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Adding the 'License Information' out-of-the-box portlet in a tab and clicking in the links provided returns to the Clarity PPM page that it is currently set as Home.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. On the Overview page, click on Manage My Tabs (spanner icon on the top right).
  2. Add a new tab.
  3. Under the Content tab, add the License Information portlet (ID: licenseinformation).
  4. Open the tab and click on any of the links in the portlet
Expected Results: Link is opened.
Actual Results: The page that is currently set as Home page is opened.


This is a limitation for this specific HTML portlet.

The 'License Information' portlet is an HTML portlet that is used on a page also named 'License Information'. This HTML portlet calls 2 grid portlets (1) User Count By License Type and (2) Rights By License Type.


Release: CODCVU9900-15.5.1-PPM SAAS-View Only Userpack for-Canadian Government Entities


You can add one or both of these GRID portlets to the General Overview tabs
You can add the 'License Information' PAGE into the Application Menu through Administration Menu Manager 
If you add the 'License Information' as a PAGE LINK to the Application Menu, you will see the exact page that you see in the Administration side.
  • Administration > Studio > Menu Manager > Application Menu > Add > Page Link,
  • Set a name for the link in the Link Name, choose the 'License Information' in Page Name lookup (which is type = Page), and set a Parent Menu Item, i.e.: Personal. 
  • After clicking on Save and Return, you will see a new link in the Menu Hierarchy under Personal (or the parent menu item that you selected earlier), but to reflect this in the actual navigation menus, you will need to log out and log in again.