Harvest components backward comptability
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Harvest components backward comptability


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Is an older version Harvest SCM Client and Workbench compatible with an upgraded Harvest broker?


CA Harvest Software Change Manager - all versions


The Harvest SCM Broker and HServer components are compatible with Harvest SCM Client versions that are the same or one previous major version level older.  For example, a Harvest SCM version 14.x broker is compatible with a Harvest SCM version 13.x client component.

Please note, however, that the Harvest SCM Agent component must be at the same version level as the Harvest SCM Client connecting to it.  So your Harvest SCM Client and Agent components must be upgraded at the same time to remain compatible with each other.



Additional Information

Backward compatibility support is intended to allow for the transition of several clients in a phased manner for a very short duration. Any issues arising out of this would not be supported.