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CA Gen "Call External" statement disabled in toolset


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


Trying to add the Call External statement to consume a web service in a Gen model Action Diagram.
However, that command statement seems to be disabled (grayed out) in the Toolset.


Release: 8.6
Component: CA Gen Workstation Toolset


The Gen 8.6 documentation, contains example steps to add a CALL EXTERNAL statement:
CA Gen 8.6 > Developing > Designing > Using the Toolset > Working with Toolset > Use Action Diagram > Assignment Action Statements > Add a Call External Statement  

At the end of those steps, it contains the following notes: 
 - If the action diagram has any statements other than NOTE statements in it, the menu option for adding a Call External statement is disabled.

- You cannot add a CALL EXTERNAL statement in an action diagram that has local or entity action views. To add a CALL EXTERNAL statement, the action diagram must only have import and export views.

- After adding a CALL EXTERNAL statement, the only statements that are allowed to be added in that action diagram are NOTEs and blank lines.

- CALL EXTERNAL statement is valid for all languages that are supported by CA Gen except COBOL.

- CALL EXTERNAL statement does not support NonStop operating system.

- For more information about HTTP status codes, search for "List of HTTP status codes" in your search engine.

In addition, the CALL EXTERNAL statement will also be disabled if the user is NOT on the first line of the Action Diagram when trying to add it.
For example, if create a new Action Diagram, add a blank line, and then attempt to add the CALL EXTERNAL statement after that blank line, the statement will show as disabled in the Toolset.
So the CALL EXTERNAL statement must be added as the first line within the Action Diagram.