Modern UX - Board Task Fly-out shows wrong legend in the GAUGE for Estimate To Complete when Days is the default display unit - it shows the word 'HOURS'


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When Days is the default display unit, the Board view still shows 'HOURS' in the graph in the task details but the value displayed is in days.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. From the Classic UX, under Administration > Project Management > Settings > General, configure 'Default Display Unit for Work Effort' to be 'Days'.
  2. Create a new project and a task.
  3. Add a team member and assign it to the task.
  4. Set the ETC for this assignment to be 20 days.
  5. Open the Modern UX, open the project's Task View.
  6. Select the Board View
  7. Open the task
  8. Select the Details tab
Expected Results: 'Estimate To Complete' is 20, and the gauge shows a label of HOURS
Actual Results: 'Estimate To Complete' is 20, and the gauge should show a label of EFFORT


This issue has been reported to Engineering as DE46684.


This issue has been reported for Clarity PPM 15.5.


This issue has been fixed in Clarity PPM 15.6, where it now displays 'EFFORT'.

Additional Information

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