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Can SMTP be Replaced with CSSMTP?


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The client is considering, in their shop, switching from SMTP to CSSMTP, to send emails out from CA Deliver and CA View.

What product does CA View and CA Deliver use for sending email out?
Would anything need to be done for this adjustment?


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CA View and CA Deliver use CA Spool for the sending of emails. 
CA Spool does not currently support CSSMTP. 
CA Spool requires a SMTP server to connect to. 

If there will not be a SMTP server on the mainframe, you can connect CA Spool directly to any email server that supports SMTP, on any platform. 

Per the CA Spool documentation: 

"The email print driver can connect: 

. Directly to a LAN-based email server such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise." 

. Indirectly through a z/OS-based IBM TCP/IP." 


CSSMTP does not provide SMTP listener support. 
CA Spool requires that a SMTP server is listening on a port, to send the emails to that server. 
SMTP is a protocol that runs over TCP/IP. 
CA Spool is configured with a TCP/IP address and port number. 

. From the IBM Website: 

CSSMTP has been designed to support z/OS users of SMTPD that create mail on the JES spool data set using batch jobs or that use SMTPNOTE for delivery to the Internet. 

The mail messages you send today using SMTPD can probably be sent with CSSMTP. 
However, CSSMTP does have differences from SMTPD, and might not be able to accommodate everyone. 

CCSMTP does not support SMTP server function, as CCSMTP is a mail-forwarding SMTP client application and is not a fully capable MTA.