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Cannot access Console


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


When logged into SOI message comes as : please wait Cannot access Console


- The problem started with SOI SQL DB server down and SOI was unable to connect to it.
- The ActiveMQ files in SOI\apache-activemq\data\kahadb was backed up because SOI manager was unable to process those data quick enough
- This error was found  in soi manager wrapper log "Address already in use: JVM_Bind", this error means the soi manager port was is use, most likely     because of the previously hung soi manager java process was stuck in task manager.


Release: SAMBDL99000-4.2-Spectrum-Service Assurance Manager-Promotional Bundle


- Shut down all SOI services on the SOI manager, SOIUI and SOI connector machines.
- Kill the hung soi manager java process from task manager
- Delete all files from SOI\apache-activemq\data\kahadb
- Start all SOI services on the SOI manager and waited until the SOI manager startup shows completed in sam debug\Triage Tests.
- Start SOIUI and log in. Bring up SOI console and verify it is working fine.
Note: A Secondary problem can arise where catalyst connector can get stuck on initializing state, if this happens then try the following
Stopped the catalyst container service 
Clear all files from Catalyst\CatalystConnector\container\nls-store and Catalyst\CatalystConnector\container\registry-cache 
Start catalyst container service