No alarms in alarm console


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CA Infrastructure Management


Alarms not seen in alarm console

Reference to bad password seem in alarm console

The following is seen in PCService.log
INFO | jvm 2 | 2019/02/01 02:50:53 | | Failed to make request: Unauthorized INFO | jvm 2 | 2019/02/01 02:50:53 | ERROR | SpectrumInfoService/Thread | 2019-02-01 02:50:53,016 |


CAPM 3.x


To resolve do the following:
  1. Edit the Spectrum data source
  2. Under the "Authentication" section add the username / password for an administrative user in the spectrum database.  By default that user is spectrum / spectrum but it could be anything the user defined
  3. Save the change
You should now see alarms in the alarm console and the INFO message should go away