CA Spectrum Modeling gateway import problems


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CA Spectrum


When importing an xml into modeling gateway, there were errors:

Modeling Gateway import exception:
java.lang.Throwable: Unknown attribute identifier_name in model element com.aprisma.tie.parse.C
ontainerElement: null:null
        at com.aprisma.tie.TopologyIEModel.addAttrVal(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.ModelElement.setAttr(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.ContainerElement.parseAttrs(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.ContainerElement.parse(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.ContainerElement.<init>(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.DiscoveryElement.parse(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.DiscoveryElement.<init>(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.ModuleElement.parseChildren(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.ModuleElement.parseModule(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.FileElement.parse(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.FileElement.parseXmlFile(
        at com.aprisma.tie.parse.FileElement.<init>(
        at com.aprisma.tie.imprt.MgImportMain.startImport(
        at com.aprisma.tie.ModelingGateway.performAction(
        at com.aprisma.tie.ModelingGatewayMain.main(

Root Cause:
The export file had "null" device attributes

<Device name="null" model_type="null" model_handle="0x101f112"  />
<Device name="null" model_type="null" model_handle="0x101f113"  />
<Device name="null" model_type="null" model_handle="0x101f114"  />

Global Collections were not created even though the output showed the creation:

Model GlobalCollection:ADMIN_CAPM Palmetto General - PGH is in remote landscape with model ID 11154d3 
Model GlobalCollection:ADMIN_CAPM Palmetto General - PGH has current mh: 11154d3, prevMH = 11154d3 
GC GlobalCollection:ADMIN_CAPM Palmetto General - PGH exists in DSS with MH 11154d3 
Found model GlobalCollection:ADMIN_CAPM Palmetto General - PGH with handle 11154d3 
Try to find staticGlobalCollects GC GlobalCollection:ADMIN_CAPM Palmetto General - PGH 
GlobalCollection:ADMIN_CAPM Palmetto General - PGH has no staticGlobalCollects contents. 
GlobalCollectionImporter.topologyLayout( GlobalCollection:ADMIN_CAPM Palmetto General - PGH ) starting 

Root Cause:
Modeling Gateway export/import is not supporting Huge landscape Handle

Device models are created even though the following modeling gateway options were used:

do_not_process_pre_existing_devices_under_container_node = "true" 

export_devices = "false" 

Root Cause:

This is happening because the device model only has a relation with the Global Collection and not the Topology.  This happens when a model is "removed" from the Topology when it should be "deleted"  from the Topology.

If the devices in the GC do not have a relation with the Topology they will be exported by modeling gateway.



Component: SPCCSS


This is tentatively scheduled to be fixed in future release CA Spectrum 10.3.2.

As a temporary workaround, the import xml file can be edited to remove the null entries for names, the "model_handle" entries in the Global Collections, and if needed, manually delete the device models that are created.