Scheduled Reports don't start in UIM 9.0.2 GA


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


In UIM 9.0.2 the Report Scheduler may fail to start scheduled tasks. This is a known issue.


UIM 9.0.2
ump_reportscheduler 9.0.2


If you experience this problem please reach out to Broadcom Support for a copy of

Procedure to apply the hotfix

1) Deactivate wasp on UMP

2) Take a backup of the existing ump_reportscheduler package available in the archive.

3) Delete the contents of the  folder...\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\work

4) Take a backup of the ..\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps\reportscheduler folder.

5) Delete the reportscheduler folder from the path ...\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps

6) Import the hotfix package into the archive.

7) Deploy the package to the UMP server.

8) Activate wasp.

9) Clear the browser cache from beginning of time 


Additional Information

After deploying this patch on a multiple UMP environment you might experience the tasks getting triggered twice. Deleting and recreating the tasks should resolve the problem.