NetApp-OnTap Probe Self-Monitoring Failures


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Self-Monitoring Failure alarms keep showing up.  What do they mean and how can they be prevented?

Self-Monitoring Failures for '"queue name": Monitor Correlation (X of X failed), Data Collection (X of X failed).  See netapp_ontap.log for more details


UIM 9.X and earlier
netapp_ontap 1.21 and earlier


The Self-Monitoring failures alarm is generated when the mentioned Queue is not able to fetch the data or data is getting null for that particular metric.
This is expected and by design.

If you would like to disable these alarms please do the following add the following key into netapp_ontap via Raw Configure and navigate to the setup section: enable_self_monitoring_alarm = false 

This will disable the self-monitoring alarms moving forward.