Dollar Universe - Tuning Recommendations for AIX Nodes with Heavy Processing


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Recommended node settings for AIX Servers running Dollar Universe.

AIX requires some specific settings when nodes have heavy processing ( 10K launches per day or many Objects defined in the different areas).


AIX servers running version 6.x of Dollar Universe.


Modify Node Settings as per recommendations for AIX nodes

Additional Information

1) Check and adjust, where necessary, the following ulimit values (in /etc/security/limits) for the user that starts the Dollar Universe processes.  Replace univa with the correct user:
NOTE: Best performance is obtained if the node is started as root.
fsize = -1
data = -1
stack = -1
core = -1
rss = -1
nofiles = -1
2) Update or modify the following node setting values for the Dollar Universe node. Please note that these changes can also be updated or modified in the values.xml file, as this is where any changes to the node setting values are stored:
Reduce the Maintenance – Purge in area X to 3 days, (we recommend a maximum of no more than 5 days) for jobs in Completed status and for the Reporter data and 15 days for the Audit Trail data:
Name                                                                                                                                                   Value   
Launch retention delay of "completed" in Production Area (DDD:HH:MM)             003:00:00
History retention delay of "completed" in Production Area (DDD:HH:MM)             003:00:00
Control retention delay of "completed" in Production Area (DDD:HH:MM)             003:00:00
Retention delay for Reporter data (DDD:HH:MM) in Production Area                        003:00:00
Retention delay for Audit Trail data (DDD:HH:MM) in Production Area                     015:00:00
3) In an AIX environment, we need to do some additional tuning, in order to improve the node’s performance.  Therefore, as soon as you upgrade you need to add the following variables in the DUAS “values.xml” file on any DUAS node which is on version 6.8.21 or above.
Variables can be added using the “unisetvar” command, or added/updated directly in the values.xml file.
<var id="UXMAXFD">8192</var>
<var id="UNI_AIX_LDR_CNTRL_MAXDATA_CDJ">MAXDATA=0x80000000</var>
<var id="UNI_AIX_LDR_CNTRL_MAXDATA_IO">MAXDATA=0x80000000</var>
<var id="UNI_CACHE_INIT_XNAMES">40000</var>
<var id="U_IO_THREADPOOL_MAX">1024</var>
<var id="U_IO_THREAD_STACK_SIZE">256</var>
<var id="U_CDJ_THREAD_STACK_SIZE">256</var>
<var id="U_DQM_THREAD_STACK_SIZE">128</var>
<var id="U_TIMEOUT_REORG">2</var>
<var id="U_RESTORE_UPR_RIGHTS">N</var>

The parameter "UNI_CACHE_INIT_XNAMES" must be equal or superior to the number of objects (uprocs, sessions, tasks, resources)  in all areas enabled on the node.
You can increase this parameter to 100000 if necessary ( as on Reference nodes) to speed up the display of the list of Objects when creating a new Launch.

Additionally, you could also disable the dump logs. These are used by Support and R&D when needing to troubleshoot crashes of the Processes (IO/CDJ/DQM/BVS):
<var id="U_LOG_DUMP_IO">N</var>
<var id="U_LOG_DUMP_CDJ">N</var>
<var id="U_LOG_DUMP_BVS">N</var>
<var id="U_LOG_DUMP_DQM">N</var>
<var id="U_LOG_DUMP">N</var>
4) If Logical Resources are only used in area X, then you should replace the “AISX” value to be only “X” in the following node setting:
Advanced Settings – List of areas impacted by event resources – AISX
5) If many commands are launched (uxadd/uxlst…), then you should increase the following value to either 30 or 60 seconds:
Technical Settings – Time-out for IO server (seconds)
6) To avoid issues when synchronizing with the UVMS, change the following value to 120:
Technical Settings – Time-out for connections to UVMS (seconds)
7) If more than 100 MUs are declared, the cache for administration objects should be increased from 100, to be the same value as the number of MUs. We recommend that this value be set no higher than 1500 and preferably not higher than 1200:
Technical Settings – Cache: initialization for administration objects       
8) For the CDJ settings in Dollar Universe version 6, we do not recommend changing the default settings, but rather leaving the defaults:

Name                                                                                                                                                   Value   
Reallocation for Session Runs in CDJ (Session Run count)                                                200
Reallocation for Runs in CDJ (Run count)                                                                                200
Primary memory allocation for Session Runs in CDJ (Session Run count)                  1000
Primary memory allocation for Runs in CDJ (Run count)                                                  1000