How to access the UIM Web Archive in Infrastructure Manager and Admin Console


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It might be confusing to understand how Infrastructure Manager and Admin Console contact the UIM Web Archive and what credentials to use.

CA-Broadcom maintains an https:\\ site AND an https:\\ site. Each of these sites uses different credentials.

The UIM Web Archive is on the https:\\ site.

You will need credentials for that site.

You can obtain them or reset them by contacting our Global Service Center at 1800 225 5224.


Component: UIMADC


There area 2 sites, and

The credentials are non-related.

The login credentials do not work.

Contact Sales and Customer Service to make sure you have credentials.

The credentials for have to be entered separately in Infrastructure Manager under Tools > Options - in the Internet Archive box, and in Admin Console in Archive Tab - Actions (upper right, grey button)- Enter Credentials.