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How to configure iDash when server has multiple addresses


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CA 7 Workload Automation


When implementing iDash on a server with multiple addresses due to having multiple network interface cards (NIC), iDash will get the host name from the os and pass it to the CA7 Server for iDash task in the subscription request. CA7IDASH task will use this address to send data including events to iDash.

For example, if you have a server that has a backup NIC. This server will have 2 different addresses. When iDash get the host name, it may get the host name of the backup NIC and this will be put in the subscription request. Your network team may not allow traffic to the address and therefore the CA7IDASH task is unable to communicate with iDash.
Question is how can you force iDash to use the other host name?


Component: 7SIDSH


You can specify the address to be used in the subscription request. In the <idash_home>/etc/ directory there is a idash configuration file called idash. 


You will need to set the to point to the address you would like in the subscription. Edit the idash configuration file and change the setting below. After you make the change you will need to restart iDash.

# The target host name or IP address iDash will put in its subscription requests to CA 7 & JFM.
# By default, this value is automatically generated by the system. Populate a value if you wish
# to override the automatic value. This is only for hostname or IP, port should not be included.                                   >>>>> change idash.server.address to the address you want to use