SESSIONID created from lisa.vse.session.key include a semicolon


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


In a VS-->Conversation Transaction, SESSIONID created from lisa.vse.session.key include semicolon which causes Virtual service to truncate key.

In the POST response Set-Cookie is assigned: "JSESSIONID={{lisa.vse.session.key}}; path=/; secure; HttpOnly"

{{lisa.vse.session.key}} generates a session id like below:

JSESSIONID=V1NHTZ14ldJT1FsFeXF6l1fKw5Cz_39UVEp6CEca&170120a7-b302-3302-8035-7b79375ec167; path=/; secure; HttpOnly

In the above it has "&" and it works fine but sometimes the session key is generated as below which has ";" and that causes the transaction mismatch.

JSESSIONID=V1NHTZ14ldJT1FsFeXF6l1fKw5Cz_39UVEp6CEca;170120a7-b302-3302-8035-7b79375ec167; path=/; secure; HttpOnly</parameter>



Problem is that semicolon is not allowed in Cookie according to RFC.6265 - HTTP State Management Mechanism and DevTest is generating a ";" when generating session key {{lisa.vse.session.key}}.



Supported DevTest Environments.


In VSI, when a Token is generated it uses a pattern specified in it. You can see the existing pattern by clicking on the person icon as below. If the pattern has a "."(period - it generates any printable character) which is creating the ";" sometimes and causing the issue. Changing the pattern to use "_" or "&" or any other valid character per RFC6625 instead of "." will resolve the issue.



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