TSSCFILE Record Layout.
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TSSCFILE Record Layout.


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


In the TSSCFILE Utility Guide, the layout of Record Type 2005 is shown as follows:
33 40 8 XAUTH Resource Class Name
41 48 8 XAUTH Owner ACID
49 56 8 XAUTH Until Date
57 100 63 XAUTH Resource

At first, it appears that the numeric columns correspond to starting position, ending position, and length, respectively. However, this doesn't work for the
last specification, for which 57-100 corresponds to a maximum of 44 bytes. In addition, there is no indication of how a long Resource ID is to be handled.

Please provide an explanation as to the Record layout for Resource Classes having MAXPERMIT(...) settings up to 255 characters?


z/OS and Top Secret r15.0 and r16.0.


The documentation for CFILE Record Type 2005 is misleading. Since it can handle a Resource Permit up to 255 characters, the last line of the entry should look like this:
57 300 255 XAUTH RESOURCE (continued on next record if needed)

The value '300' represents the maximum Record Size for a CFILE Record. So on a single Record we can represent a Resource Permission with a length up to
244 characters. If the PERMIT is greater than 244 characters, then CFILE will generate a continuation Record for the remainder of the data, and the initial Record will be marked with a 'C' in column 12, as documented in the CFILE Record Format description.