WebUI no more display Dashboards and Object Tree in IE11
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WebUI no more display Dashboards and Object Tree in IE11


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WebUI no more display Dashboards and Object Tree in IE11

Why can I no longer display any data in the Object Tree using IE11?

I have no more my Dashboards created last week after IPL this morning. I try logoff/logon and IE11 browser close but I get the same results.




This problem is linked by turning Enterprise Mode on.

This mode is running pages from intranets in Internet Explorer 8 compatible mode.

WebUI doesn't support IE 8, and that is the reason why some components are broken. This Enterprise mode can be checked as follow: (blue icon between next button and address bar). 

Here several tips on how to turn Enterprise mode off. 

1) Somewhere it should be possible to turn this mode off only for webUI pages, but since it depends on your company setting so we cannot say how to permanently disable it only for webUI pages. 

2) To disable Enterprise mode for whole browser, (you may not have rights to do this as it depends on your company policy):

  • right click to place left from minimize button
  • click on Menu bar if not displayed
  • click on Tools -> Enterprise Mode 

3) To disable enterprise mode just for this one visit of page (this will work always) navigate to webUI page:

  • open Developer Tools (press F12) page load will be again stopped by that error in 3rd party tool,
  • so click on green triangle. You may need to click twice,
  • click on Emulation in Browser profile
  • select Desktop page will be reloaded and again loading will be stopped by that error,
  • so you need to click green triangle again, now you can normally work with webUI as long as you do not close Developer Tool.

To make work, with opened Developer Tool, easier you can detach this window by pressing Ctrl + P

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