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CA Security Command Center CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting


The CMS database holds policy details for each CA Data Protection user and machine, and administration details for each user, user group and machine. Any database changes are replicated automatically to child machines. The replication frequency is determined by the CMS machine policy. But you can request immediate replication. This is useful where CA Data Protection runs on networks using a slow CMS-to-child replication interval

There are some scenarios where the replication of policy settings from the CMS to child machines can fail, for example if there is a network issue or failed machine.  Usually the child machine simply recovers and replication continues as normal, however occasionally the child machine may fall out of sync with the CMS and the correct policy will not be applied.

Is there a way to force the replication of policy from the CMS to a child machine to synchronize settings?


CA Data Protection 14.x\15.x


To resync child machines (ie Gateway\Policy Engines etc.) with the CMS (essentially refreshing the local cache) run the command below from the %wgninstalldir%\system folder (i.e. C:\program Files(x86)\CA\DataMinder\system)

wgninfra -exec wigan/infrastruct/Infrastruct ReplicateAllData

The command is case sensitive.  This will take some time to complete so should be executed out of hours.

Additional Information

Orchestria, Orchestria EPM, Orchestria APM, CA DLP and CA DataMinder are all previous brands for the product now known as CA Data Protection.