CA Service Catalog upgrade message "Auto Discovery of existing CA Service Catalog failed"


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Upgrade of CA Service Catalog is failing at the "Installation Prerequisites" step: "Auto Discovery of existing CA Service Catalog failed."

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Error Auto discovery of existing CA Service Catalog failed



Upgrade from CA Service Management, Service Catalog from 14.1 to 17.1
MS SQL Database
CA EEM 12.6
CA PAM 4.3.3


NOTE: The information included here helped to resolve a specific client issue.
You may need to alter this advice to suit your circumstances.
It is provided as information which may assist similar cases, and is not a general resolution at this point.

Steps Performed

Initially the Service Catalog "install.log" recorded issues with the database connection while trying upgrade and changed the database password.

The messages were of type:
2019/01/31 ERROR [AWT-EventQueue-0] [CurrentVersionDiscoverer] Failed to initialize Database
javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Exception [EclipseLink-4002] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.5.1.v20130918-f2b9fc5): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.DatabaseException
Internal Exception: Login failed for user 'mdbadmin'. ClientConnectionId:cd9ea917-06f4-45dd-bc17-74a0644443e1
Error Code: 18456

2019/01/31 ERROR [AWT-EventQueue-0] [CurrentVersionDiscoverer] Auto Discovery of SLCM Current Version Components failed
Tip: Perform an upgrade first on a test server in order to check that it works. Never directly upgrade on a production server.

Further Analysis
The common installer was failing to connect with the MDB.

Changed to plain password to rule out issues with special characters, but this did not work.
See During Service Catalog installation, the error "Configuring mdb failed." is received.

It was identified that due to the database password change, the file had old encrypted passwords.

Suggested to use encrypter.bat to encrypt new password and update in

Due to some file access issues was not updated properly.

Client rectified the access issue and updated config.properites with new password and installation went to next step.

After laying the files, common installer failed at configuring MDB step, identified that this was because of permissions issue to mdbadmin user.

After providing sysadmin permissions to mdbadmin, installation succeeded.

Also there was some issue with which latest values were missing, we have copied the content from backup folder and modified couple of flags
__CLEAN_INSTALL__= 0 (was 1) (was false)
-PAM auto-detection failed as common installer was picking wrong URL, modified al_cdb_configurationparameters to set slcm.pam.integrated to 0 and pam.provider.url to empty.

Restarted the upgrade process once again
System completed all the tasks without any issue and completed successfully.

Did sanity tests on Catalog, saw request status showing as 'unknown', which is because of the customizations done on requestshared.xml.

Change customizations and integration with latest files (as customization in 17.1)
Used a compare file tool to identify the differences in requestshared.xml from 14.1 back to 17.1 and updated the content
Replaced the file structure for custom information

Recycled the services , Cleared the translets, cleared the browser cache and logged into the application. Successfully logged int and working as expected

Successfully upgraded till 17.1 and client would like to complete the RU2 patch at a later stage due to the deadline of go-live.

Additional Information

Provided document for 17.1.2 Release noted, fixed issues, mandatory post installation steps

RU2 patch: SO06653 can be downloaded at below link

Post installation steps:


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