Downloading CA Maintenance


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What is the most efficient method of downloading a large amount of maintenance from CA.


Component: TSSMVS


There are 3 methods to download maintenance from CA.rap SMPE JCL around them to apply the fixes.

2. The second method is using CSM or Chorus Software Manager which is a GUI based product that you install on your mainframe. It allows you to download and install maintenance with a few clicks of the mouse. You can apply a single piece of maintenance or a group of maintenance while resolving any prerequisites automatically.  Literally a few clicks and you are done. You can apply every fix available with just a few clicks. CSM is documented at the following link:

3. The third method is Mainframe Common Maintenance which uses the popular IBM SMPE Internet Retrieval to download CA maintenance from our servers. This method is more batch driven but more widely used than option 2, since many sites use SMPE Internet Retrieval. MCM is documented at the following link: