UVMS log contains errors "OwlsConsolidationStdImp"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


UVMS log (uvserver.log) contains a lot of errors like the following:

|ERROR| consolidation-1-worker-3 | com.orsyp.monitoring.consolidation.stdimpl.owls.OwlsConsolidationStdImpl | ConnectionException:  
com.orsyp.std.IoConnectionException: Connection Authenticate problem com.orsyp.UniverseException: ServerException - connect: error creating socket to SERVER/PORT

What is the reason of this error messages and how to fix them?


The reason is that the UVMS - Optional Service "Enable Consolidation of Job Summary" is set by default to "Yes".
This service provokes UVMS to connect to the CDJ Server of all the declared nodes every 120 seconds ( by default) to extract the Job Runs.

This is explained in the UVMS documentation:

In case there is a communication error between UVMS and the CDJ of the node, this kind of errors will appear in uvserver.log:
|ERROR| consolidation-X-worker-Y | com.orsyp.monitoring.consolidation.stdimpl.owls.OwlsConsolidationStdImpl | ConnectionException:  


UVMS 6.x with Dollar Universe 


Support advises to Disable the Optional Service "Enable Consolidation of Job Summary" as it uses a lot of CPU and Network resources in large environments and forces to have the traffic opened from UVMS server to the CDJ port of the DUAS nodes.

In order to do so, go to UVMS - Node Settings - Optional Services:

Enable Consolidation of Job Summary   ->  No

<Please see attached file for image>


Then Save and restart the UVMS to take into account the modification.

In case you need to have the Service Enabled and the Errors keep appearing in the uvserver.log, the reason behind it is that:
a) either the CDJ server of those nodes is stopped in the given area
b) the nodes are not correctly registered in the UVMS
c) the traffic is closed between UVMS and the CDJ port of those servers



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