PIM EP Installation on AIX 7.2 TL03


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


After installation of PIM endpoint release R12.8 SP1 using RO89754 not able to start the services using seload.
The install_base comes from patch RO89754 that introduces compatibility with AIX 7.2 TL1+ level

The error message is as follows:

# ./seload
CA ControlMinder seload v12.81.0.2455 - Loader Utility Copyright (c) 2013 CA. All rights reserved.
SEOS_load: Executing un/load exit file /opt/CA/AccessControl/exits/LOAD/SEOS_load_int.always.
sysconfig[SYS_SINGLELOAD]: path(/opt/CA/AccessControl/bin/) module(/opt/CA/AccessControl/bin/SEOS_syscall) err(2) : No such file or directory.

How to start PIM EP for AIX 7.2+TL03?

Does there exist a fix for the same?


AIX 7.2 + TL03
Output of command "oslevel -s" : 7200-03-02-1846
CA PIM EP: v12.81.0.2455 installed using RO89754


The cause for this problem is In AIX7.2TL2 (osand higher level : 7200-03-02-1846  )
The "install_base" script cannot get correct OS version information.
So, a SEOS_syscall file is not created.

Please ask support team to provide the fix T540376 and after applying this fix, seload will load the PIM EP properly.