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How to set deny user use application roles


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Want to deny access if attribute value does not include RoleXXX and RoleYYY.
Is it possible to realize by role setting?


Single Sign On r12.8 (CA SSO)


1.Create [Applications]

2.Create [Resource] which you want to deny access by setting roles

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3.Create Roles which define the role with NOT ((comment CONTAINS "Role XXX") OR (comment CONTAINS "RoleYYY"))
 3-1.Create role with ((comment CONTAINS "Role XXX") OR (comment CONTAINS "RoleYYY"))

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 3-2. Add "NOT" before the ((comment CONTAINS "Role XXX") OR (comment CONTAINS "RoleYYY")) at [User Expression]

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4. Setting the role to resource at Policies tab

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※Access Resource[Allow Access] : /app/* [Access Role :  All Users]
    Deny Resource[Deny Access] : /app/appsub/* [Deny Role : NOT ((comment CONTAINS "Role XXX") OR (comment CONTAINS "RoleYYY")) ]

If RoleXXX or RoleYYY is included in the comment of the user (including both RoleXXX and RoleYYY), allow access and reject others (neither RoleXXX nor RoleYYY).

Additional Information

[Application] create method:


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