CAS9013A Product BD about to expire or is expired and is in use


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We are getting this message on our test LPAR. Key BD is for CA DATACOM/DB PRODUCT PAK. We use DATACOM/AD for CA11 and CA7. I am not sure what product activity is causing this message. I have recently installed DATACOM/AD R15. Is BD a product code that we will need for that? If we need this key and should have it, then we will need it for two CPUs: ..................


z/os, CA Datacom/AD 15.0


LMP code for CA Datacom/AD is 'AX' .

LMP code 'DB' is for the full CA Datacom/DB software.

So, some Datacom/DB activity must have taken places to explain the LMPKEY warning starting the MUF with parameter 'DATACOM DB' (for example).

*** We found the problem. We had ' COMP=DATCM' set as a component in CA VANTAGE. ***