Getting Fatal Natural error NAT0376 after upgrading to EINE V18


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When trying to start the EINE Server after upgrading to V18 getting the following Fatal error message:
 *** EINE BATCH process encountered fatal NATURAL error
 *** Error in module: SERVER ; Line nbr: 750 ; Error nbr: 376


Library SYSTEM - Natural System Message NAT0376 - 
Global variables :1: do not match. 
Tx *** Short Text *** 
Global variables ... do not match. 

Ex *** Explanation *** 
The global variables that are to be passed between programs do not agree in format and/or length. 
Global variables with the same name must agree in format and length to allow for a value transfer of the global variable across multiple programs when referenced as data as '+NAME'. 

Ac *** Recommended Action *** 
Check the currently existing global variables with the EDIT VARIABLES command and compare them to the reference in the current program. 
Adjust format/length or clear global variables with the LOGON command. 


CA Endevor SCM Integration for the Natural Environment V18
Natural V8


The most likely reason for the NAT0376 error is using an old version of UEXIT00 with the new version of EINE. 

There have been several new parameters added to UEXIT00 such as:
Verify the UEXIT00 Natural program in the EINELIB is the V18 version of UEXIT00.
Do not copy the UEXIT00 Natural program from the V17 EINELIB to the V18 EINELIB.

Use the V17 UEXIT00 as a model and update the new V18 UEXIT00 program with your specific parameter values.