phantomjs process did not end properly; exit value: 127


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When try to export the Jaspersoft Studio Based report into PDF format and it gives the following error.

phantomjs process did not end properly; exit value: 127


Linux /Unix


The problem is related to PhantomJS missing dependencies.

PhantomJS needs fonconfig and libfontconfig dependency to work and they may be missing in your distribution.

To figure out what's wrong in your situation when this error appears do the following:

1. Go to {JRS WAR}/WEB-INF/ and check if the phantomjs.binary property is set correctly.

2. Go to the location PhantomJS binary and do ./phantomjs. It should run properly. Chances are it'll give you an error like: phantomjs: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

3. Do "ldd phantomjs" to check what dependencies are missing.

4. Most likely you'll miss fontconfig.

To resolve the issue do the following: sudo yum install fontconfig Do the sudo yum install for all the dependencies you might be missing.