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How to publish devices with short name instead of FQDN


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Some of the UIM CI's are getting published with FQDN instead of the short name. How can we make the device appear with short name on their name/label field?


Release: SSADSC99000-4.2-Service Operations Insight-Data Source Capacity


To make the class of CI's published with short name the connector policy needs to be modified, for example, if one GenericIPDedvice CI from UIM is published to SOI with FQDN then modifying the nimsoftconnector_policy with a parsing statement will resolve this issue. Here is an example on how to do it for Computer System and GenericIPDevice CI
- On the UIM connector machine edit (save a copy of the files first) CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<host                                        name>_CatalystConnector\modules\policy\nimsoftconnector_policy 
- Keep in mind that the regex parse pattern provided needs to be added under each CI class in the above policy. 
- For Computer System CI class go to section "<!-- Computer System CI -->" and make the following changes
  paste the following parse section under </Normalize>
              <Field input="PrimaryDnsName" pattern="^(.*)\..*\..*$" output="tempLabel" /> 
  paste the following format2 section under </Format>
               <Field conditional='tempLabel'  output='Label' format='{0}' input='tempLabel' />

- For GenericIPDevice CI class add the following section under "<EventClass name="GenericIPDevice" extends="Item">"
              <Field input="PrimaryDnsName" pattern="^(.*)\..*\..*$" output="Label" /> 
- Save the policy file 
- Stop the catalyst Container service on the UIM connector machine 
- On the SOIUI administration page select the UIM connector you just made the policy change on, on the right side click on the remove connector. You'll        have to wait until the connector is gone from the list. If the remove connector button gets highlighted again then you'll have to click on the remove                connector button again, you may have to do this more then twice until it is removed. 
- Start the Catalyst Container service and verify if the FQDN node names are truncated.