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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


We need to use the url_response probe to perform a text match (regular expression).

Does the url_response probe have the capability to monitor individual strings inside the url/web page source code? We want to monitor a url and trigger an alarm based on a string in the source output. 


Component: UIMURL


Yes, the url_response probe can perform a text match (expression) out of the box. However, you also can use a custom e2e script that views the source and finds/doesn't find the string in the source output, and in url_response itself it does search through the page source even if you don't see the content. If you need help with creating custom e2e scripts, please contact your local sales team to help engage our professional services team for review. 

Additional Information

Please refer to the following and search for text match or Use Regular Expressions