Cluster probe - Linux Pacemaker cluster cannot be configured


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We are trying to configure the cluster probe to monitor a Linux Pacemaker Cluster and get an error during the installation. During step 1 of the Probe Installation Wizard we select " Linux Pacemaker Cluster" and click Next. On the next screen the "Cluster Name" field is empty. And we also can't type any text in there, so the install fails.


The cluster probe requires the Corosync Cluster Engine to function with a Linux Pacemaker Cluster.


cluster probe 3.50
Linux Pacemaker Cluster NOT USING Corosync Cluster Engine


Problem: Cluster probe cannot be configured on a Linux Pacemaker Cluster This is a Known Issue

Reason: Currently there is no support or alternative if the Linux Pacemaker Cluster is a non-Corosync cluster. The cluster probe requires corosync in order to be configured.

The problem could be avoided by using the Corosync Cluster Engine.

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Work Around: Use the Corosync Cluster Engine with the Linux Pacemaker Cluster.