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Nutanix probe fails to connect to Prism server


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES


Nutanix probe v1.53  support for Prism and AO version 5.6.1

Post upgrade to Prism, our nutanix probe 1.53 is unable to monitor and connect with the error below:
[Data Collector - nonprd_nutanix_template, nutanix_monitor] (1) error, Inventory update failed for nonprd_nutanix_template: Failed to connect to the Nutanix Environment


Nutanix probe v1.53
AO version 5.6.1.


Nutanix probe v1.53 does not support Prism and AO version 5.6.1. Currently probe uses REST v1 api which is no longer available with AOS 5.6 onwards. There is already a feature in our backlog for supporting AOS 5.6.