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How to exclude the base table when only the archive table has to be migrated?


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When a Migrator strategy is created with only archive table spaces ot tables, we expect only the archive table spaces or tables included in the strategy, but when the strategy is analyzed, the base tables are also included.


Component: RCM


To exclude the base table you have to proceed with the following steps.

Update your current Migrator strategy, when you are in panel 'RC/M Implode/Explode Services', change the option under 'TB' (Table) from 'A' to 'S' and hit Enter.

This will take you to the panel 'RC/M Dependent Table Selection'. Then use option 'L' to list table associations, the archive and base table will be listed. Select the archive table and hit PF3. PF3 again until you save the Migration strategy.
On this way the base table will be excluded during the analysis of the strategy.