Sapwalk2 instructions for UIM


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At times when troubleshooting an issue with the discovery or monitoring of an SNMP device you may be requested to provide an SAPWALK2 output.
This is also required when you are submitting a new device for vendor certification.

This document will discuss where to obtain the tool and how to run it.

sapwalk2 performs mibwalks from a specified starting oid and produces output in the format
that can be directly utilized by our Simulator SimpleAgentPro.  It can capture in SNMP v1,
v2c and v3.


UIM any version


The Sapwalk2 tool is available for windows, Linux (32 and 64bit) and Solaris and can be downloaded from the "MIB Walk Utilities" section of

The usage for the command is as follows:
#sapwalk2: ver 2.14
#Copyright (c) 1994-2013 SIMPLESOFT Inc.
Usage: sapwalk2
         -i  ip_address
         -v  snmp_version(v1/v2c/v3)
         -s  startoid
         <-c  community for v1/v2c           >
         <-u  username  for v3               >
         <-l  seclevel  (nAnP/AnP/AP) for v3 >
         [-xt auth type (MD5/SHA) for v3     ]
         [-xa auth password for v3           ]
         [-xp priv password for v3           ]
         [-xn ctxtname  for v3               ]
         [-xe priv type (DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256)for v3  ]
         [-xi ctxtid    for v3 (will discover if not specified)]
         [-e  engineid  for v3 (will discover if not specified)]
         [-t  timeout(msec)                  ]
         [-r  retries                        ]
         [-f  compare (0/1)                  ]
         [-p  snmpport                       ]
         [-d  sleep_bet_req(msec)            ]
         [-m  maxlexerrors                   ]
         [-z  samples:delay_in_msec:<oidfile> for ratecomputation of counter/gauge variables]
         [-o  walkoutput filename            ]
         [-n  max num of variables to learn  ]
         [-xf filename containing oids to be excluded(one per line) ]
         [-xr guestimate max rows            ]
         [-xs source ip                      ]
         [-xy source endpoint (port)         ]
         [-xv bridge / or vlanstartoid for auto vlan learn]
         [-xl save timestamps (0/1)          ]
         [-xz timestamp threshold (def=10sec)]
         [-b  getbulk flag (0/1)             ]
The value for the -s (startoid) is always
An Example comand is:
sapwalk2.exe -i -v v1 -s -c public -xv -o

You would then provide the file to UIM Support