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CA IDMS DC028001 – version of Cobol compiler is not recognizable


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It is possible for an IDMS DC program compiled in COBOL v6.2 to get error DC028001. The log will show a message like this:
DC028001 – version of Cobol compiler is not recognizable.
This can occur when the program is executed; or when IDMSLOOK is issued against the program. 


This can occur in any IDMS environment where COBOL programs are being used; the APARs noted here are specific to IDMS 18.5.


This error was caused by a bug in how we were handling the compile option SERVICE. A new 18.5 APAR ST06972 was developed to address this. It resolves the problem with the COBOL compile Option SERVICE('string') when included in the compile of a COBOL V5R2-V6R2 COBOL program.
Other ways to resolve the DC208001 on 18.5 depend somewhat on the circumstances. If this is happening to only one program, and other COBOL programs compiled with the same compiler are running fine, then the problem is likely to be:
1- the program uses an unsupported verb; or
2- the program was compiled with an unsupported COBOL option. For more details on what's not supported, please check out this page:
If this is happening across the board for all programs, then it's necessary to review PTFs and supported options of the compiler. In addition, it's necessary to have the latest version of the SCEERUN libraries available at run-time. In terms of the specific PTFs you noted, RO86301 applies to some install jobs & RO87502 addresses a S0C4 that can result when a LOOK is issued against a COBOL program. If RO59841 ism't applied, applied, you should put it on; it can be found here:
The PTF is missing HOLDDATA, so PTF RI60794 addresses that:
These are the only 18.5 PTFs that are potentially applicable.

Additional Information

For more information on unsupported compiler options and verbs, check our documentation here: