can not delete items - message later version exists


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


My project has files/folder can not be deleted. message is later version exists for all items. I can not find them with 'find version'. History diagram does not show later versions. The folder does not appear in higher states. Unable to remove the items.


When a "Delete Version" transaction is executed, Harvest will check for any version for which this is the parent item, and also any version in another project that came from this item. If this package was the source of a cross project merge to another project, you won’t be able to delete these versions. 


Component: HCORE


Use Find Version or "Show Changes in Sibling Projects" to identify the "child" versions for which this is the parent.  If any are found, you will need to decide whether to delete the child version(s) first, or select the "Remove Item" process instead.