Adding new SPOOL volume
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Adding new SPOOL volume


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I have a 3 member SSI system and just added an additional volume to the spool for each member, although, it doesn't look like VMSPOOL is picking up the new volumes.  Is there something I have to do to get VMSPOOL to see the new volumes?



Release: VMSPLL55400-1.8-VM:Spool


Each VMSPOOL server must have a full volume minidisk or a LINK to a full volume minidisk which covers each volume containing spool space. VMALLOC creates these minidisks when VMSPOOL is installed, but when you add spool volumes to a system or SSI complex, you must add minidisks to cover those volumes. The new full volume minidisks must be defined in the VMSPOOL entry or in another entry (we use $SPOOL$ in our test systems) and then a LINK to those minidisks has to be added to the VMSPOOL directory entry. VMSPOOL needs read-only access to the spool disks to read spool files.