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The User Counts does not decrease after Test Invoke API calls are finished


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


When using Test Invoke API the User Count in the Portal increases and does not decrease when the API calls are ended.




All supported DevTest releases.


For every API call that is performed, we get one additional count in the User Count under Server Health in the Portal. Increasing this number is expected.

This count includes all connections to the current Registry which includes connections from Workstation, Portal, Swagger UI, test-invoke API, run-time users, etc. So, whenever we run a command using the test invoke API it adds connection to the Registry.

Connection can be treated as a login to the Registry. Total number of such logins to Registry is what the user count is. This count is maintained in a cache unless the Registry is restarted.

By default, the user count starts decreasing after 20 minutes, 1200 seconds, the calls are completed.

If this is not the case, the following properties need to be verified:


The property registry.max.user.lifetime.seconds is the main session lifetime property that determines how long a user session is valid after the last activity done by a user in a session.

If these properties are set to a high value, the user count will take more time to start decreasing.

Set them to the default value, 1200, and the user count will start decreasing after 20 minutes the API calls are completed.

Additional Information

More information regarding these properties, refer to section "User Session Lifetime Properties" in the documentation of the DevTest release you are running.