What is the impact on MAXDAYS field LIDNDAYS increase after PTF SO03886 on shared ACF2 database and how to eliminate problems to other sharing lpars?


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Client install ACF2 maintenance SO03886 on one of their system in a shared ACF2 database environment.The systems are SYS1, SYS2 and SYS3 and the maintenance is rolled out in that order. Will there be any impact if Logonid’s MAXDAYS field has been updated from SYS1 or SYS2 after they have the ACF2 maintenance installed but SYS3 is still at the old maintenance level?


CA ACF2 Release 16.0


There is no impact due to this change,  if the PTF is not applied, then the new field is not recognized and the old field and value are used. The old LPAR (SYS3) will only recognize the old field till it is upgraded to same maintenance level. The new LPAR (SYS1, SYS2) will not know that the old LPAR changed the field.
To conclude, the recommended practice would be not to change the MAXDAYS till all LPARs have added the PTF SO03886.

Please note that SO03886 is market as PE and is corrected by SO04534.