Not able to collect network qos data with cdm probe on Solaris platform


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cdm probe unable to collect network QOS data on Solaris platform


cdm 6.30 
Solaris 10 local zone


cdm uses a combination of dladm and kstat for collecting the network data for solaris system
"dladm show-link" to get dataLink details and and "kstat -p -c net -n" to fetch the data 

How to manually verify with commands: 
From client side we can get output of command 

dladm show-link
dladm show-link | awk '{print $1}'

Suspected root cause of this use case is observed after running dladm in Solaris 10 
cdm is installed in local zone, and when dladm show-link is run there is error with message insufficient privilege. 

UIM robot is installed in local zone of Solaris and all of related problematic robots with this issue in Solaris 10. 
Then, in local zone of Solaris 10 ,dladm show-link is unable to run due to insufficient privilege. 
Tried to enable that privilege, but it can't be done. Meanwhile, in local zone Solaris 11 ,dladm show-link is able to run.
Running dladm in global zone and local zone of Solaris 11, it can run. 
So the root cause is the privilege to run dladm in local zone of Solaris 10. 

Additional Information

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