Changing a SYSLOG Name by Using the SYSID


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The client currently sees all SYSLOG collection, regardless of system, with a name of SYSLOG, and would like to have the Sysout ID be appended with the SYSID. 



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The following methods can be used to modify the Sysout ID name of a SYSLOG:

 . Use exit SARSTCUX and modify the GCRID (SysoutID name).
 . Use the WRITER ID to override the Sysout ID, where writer-name is coded as the second positional parameter of the SYSOUT parameter on its "//... DD ..." statement.
 . Use the SARINIT ERO PTEXTn parameters (PTEXT1 to PTEXT5), to select text from the SYSLOG, in assigning the Sysout ID name

In SARINIT, define: PTEXT1='X 0000000 '

Using PTEXTn, lines of the SYSLOG being collected are interrogated in naming the sysout based on the System ID (SYSID), from where the SYSLOG originates.

Please do the following:
 . Use an ERO table.
 . Have an ERO entry of:  /SYSLOG ALL ...

With the above, information from the below SYSLOG line will be captured:

X 0000000 SYS1 19025 13:08:00.08 SYSLOG 00000000 IEE042I SYSTEM LOG DA