Overcoming day-to-day message challenges
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Overcoming day-to-day message challenges


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We're considering replacing one of our homegrown applications with VM:Operator.  How can VM:Operator solve our day-to-day message challenges?


Release: VMOPER55400-3.1-VM:Operator


CA VM:Operator™ was designed to automate VM systems operations by managing message traffic for VM system operators and making it easier to respond to pending messages.

Without CA VM:Operator™, VM treats all operator messages the same, regardless of importance. All messages go to one operator console, making it difficult to divide tasks among operators working at different physical locations. Further, when the screen clears, the messages are lost because VM does not provide a way to recall, repeat, or save messages.

CA VM:Operator™ solves your message problems by providing the following functions:

  • Special treatment for critical messages
  • Reduction of nonessential message traffic
  • Multiple operator windows and consoles
  • Support for message-triggered action routines
  • Session support
  • Online review of operator console activity
  • Hardcopy logging and spooling
  • System programmer support
  • CA VM:Tape support
  • Interfaces with other CA products
  • An interface with VTAM
  • Security features
  • Remote system support

All of these functions can be tailored to meet your site needs when CA VM:Operator™ is installed.