Update Users in View Database to Assign New Display Mode Allowance


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The client wants to run a report to see what Users have a "N" (for No), in their assignment of display modes allowed.

Using information from that report, the client then wants to update some or all of the Users to where their assignment for mode SARO will be "Y" (for Yes).

They wanted to know if it would be possible to use the SARGRW program anywhere in the process.


CA View - Releases 12.2 and Higher


At this time, SARGRW does not include any functionality regarding User settings.

SARBCH /LIST USER=... can be used to produce a report, for a user or users, that shows the settings for the ALL/EXPO/EXP/SARO/SAR/JOB fields.

From that list, lines can be extracted for those users that show a value in a particular field (in this instance, with SARO of N).

SARBCH /DEFUSER ACC=xxxxxx USER=... can be used to change the mode settings for a UserID.

A transaction card could be formatted as follows, to force a "Y" value for use of SARO mode:


Note: In the above card, though the SARO setting is being forced to "Y", the other five means of access would need to be shown as the user currently has, so as to not be changed.