Report Recall elay After SARDBASE COPY to a New Database


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The client had allocated a new database and then ran SARDBASE COPY to copy the original database's content to the new database.

They then started seeing a delay in View's performance of report recalls.


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The client's use of the report recall product was working as expected.

The problem was that the client had copied their View database to a target database, where the target data BLKSIZE used was the default (3768).

Due to the resulting inefficient use of data space, a longer time was needed for recalls to be done.

The client ran another SARDBASE COPY, this time where the target database data BLKSIZE allocation was 13682, which improved recall performance back to what the client had previously experienced.

The below items can have an affect on database performance:
 . An inefficient allocation of BLKSIZE used for the database extents, causes slower disk layer report recall performance.
 . For View database extents, the recommended BLKSIZEs are:
 . . Index: 8906
 . . Data: 13682

 . The database's .D0000001 and .I0000001 extents must reside on different volumes.
 . General volume I/O performance should be monitored to ensure consistency.
 . If there are short retentions assigned to reports, it is suggested to use SAREAS (the View Tape robotic) for report recall from tape.
 . To ensure optimum product performance, it is strongly recommended to have ALL possible product maintenance applied to the View environment.
 . In general, the database extents should be of sufficient size (in cylinders), as too small an allocation will be inefficient.