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Portfolio's Contents Editor Power Filter is not consistent with the Portfolio's partition


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Adding a new value to a standard lookup with partition association mode “partition only”.
This value will not be displayed in power filters of portfolio contents editor, whereas the portfolio is created within this specific partition.

Steps To Reproduce

Configuration notes:
Associate a Partition Model to the Portfolio object.
Let's say the Partition Model contains 3 different partitions (Development, Finance, Marketing)
Add a new value to an existing standard lookup, "Lookup: Idea and Project Types".
Make sure the Partition Association Mode for the new value is set to "Partition Only".

1. Configure the Lookup: Idea and Project Type. Add a new value for an specific partition.

Go to Administration => Lookups
Lookup Name: Idea and Project Type
Filter and Select it
Click on Values
Select Partition: Development
Click New

Enter values for the Lookup Value Name: Test
ID: Test
Partition: Organization:Development
Partition Association Mode: Partition Only
Click on Active
Save and Return

2. Add a new Portfolio. Select the partition "Development".

3. Select the Tab "Contents Editor" on the new Portfolio.
Select "Project" and click "Include"

4. On the Contents Editor tab, having included the Investment Type "Project", click on "Build Power Filter" for the Project.

5. On the Left field, select "Project Type".

6. Click on the "Constant" lookup (Binoculars)

Expected Results: The "Idea and Project Type" lookup opens up and display its partitioned values according to the Portfolio's partition (Development). The Test value should be displayed.

Actual Results: The "Idea and Project Type" lookup opens up but does not display the new added value for the "Developmenet" partition only. The Test value is not displayed.


This issue has been reported to SE (Sustaining Engineering) as Defect DE46652


CA PPM 15.5
CA PPM 15.5.1


Defect DE46652 has been fixed in CA PPM 15.6.1