How to find solutions for CA Datacom CICS Services
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How to find solutions for CA Datacom CICS Services


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Is there any way to which PTFs are needed or are available for CA Datacom CICS Services? Is there a utility that can read an SMP/E list to see what we need?


Component: DBC


.Unfortunately, we do not have any tool that can process your SMP/E list to identify missing solutions in your environment. However, the good news is that you can review the list of solutions through CA Support Online and verify them against your SMP/E system. For CA Datacom CICS Services, there are not many solutions listed, so it should be fairly simple.

Once you have logged in to CA Support Online, select the Product Information link, and you can then navigate to the CA Datacom product page, where you should see a link in the Staff Selections section for the Maintenance Grid. On the Maintenance Grid webpage, select your operating system (z/OS or z/VSE), then in the grid, scroll down to the entries for CA Datacom CICS Services (DBC) and your desired version (almost half-way down), and then you can click the link in the PTFs Available column for your release level.

For version 15.1, you can list PTFs:   Since INC00    or for   New Features

For version 15.0, you can list PTFs applied to the   Base

For version 14.0, you will use the link for    PTFs Since Last Aggregate   (Note: There are no Aggregate Maintenance packages available for CA Datacom CICS Services version 14.0, so the PTFs Since Last Aggregate link will contain everything for this version.)

Additional Information

Please note that CA Datacom CICS Services version 14.0 has announced an End of Service (EOS) date of 31 December 2018. You can review the EOS announcement for more information.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.