Disabling of TLS1.0 for UIM


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In environment, TLS1.0 is not allowed to be used now and seek support to disable TLS1.0.
However, understand that once TLS1.0 is being disabled, the unified reporter will not be able to be used.
Can help to:

(1) confirm the above, as it is also the test result

(2) what is the plan to disable TLS1.0? in coming release, or which version in the plan to disable TLS1.0.

Currently using 8.5.02,



UIM 8.51 
UIM 8.51 SP1


UIM Product Management update related to requirement related to disabling TLS1.0 for UIM / which UIM version supports TLS 1.2 

UIM 9.0.2 HF1 covers all aspects of TLS1.2 as required by customer. Please propose upgrade to UIM 9.0.2 HF1 for their needs. 

DB support was covered in UIM 9.0.2 and CABI support TLS1.2 from UIM 9.02 HF1. 

Unified reporter needs to be migrated onto CABI to support TLS1.2. We are not investing in legacy unified reporter. 

Note:For UMP portal and Admin console end if you are using https can follow below KB to disable TLS 1.0 in UIM 8.51 and higher 

KB How to disable weak SSL or TLS protocol and weak ciphers in UMP