How to configure sdgtw to connect to CA (Nimsoft) ServiceDesk


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Use of the sdgtw probe (instead of nsdgtw) to connect to CA (Nimsoft) Service Desk


- UIM 8.5.1 or higher


sdgtw uses the 'Service Aide' connection profile to connect to CA (Nimsoft) Service Desk. 

***The sdgtw AC Configuration document provides the connection fields you need to fill in to create the connection to a ServiceAide Service Desk***.  If a proxy is required to connect to the instance, you will have to adjust the Service Aide connection profile proxy settings via the Admin Console ONLY.

Please refer to the section in the sdgtw probe named 'connection_details'...e.g., 

name = ServiceAide 
id = ServiceAide 
default_group_name = 
enable_group_assignment = false 
severity_increase_reassigned_group_name = 
severity_decrease_reassigned_group_name = 
ProxyPort = 
Username = <serviceaide-username> 
encryptPassword = false 
active = false 
ProxyUser = 
ProxyServer = 
categoryNameTranslation = true 
ProxyPassword = 
userNameTranslation = true 
Password = <passwordinplaintext> 
URL = <serviceaide-url> 
FetchCompleteObject = false 
ciNameTranslation = true 
ServiceAideClientURL = <serviceaide-clienturl> 
sd_type = ServiceAide 

Proxy server connections for each Service Desk Connection profile are configured in the same way and is documented in step #9 of the Configure Connection Properties section.